Valentines Day is well known to be the most romantic day of the year. The day we secretly hope our loved ones have planned something special or maybe you’ve been planning to send something to your crush, or perhaps just sitting at home watching Netflix (no judgment here). But where did this celebration of love even come from?


Well, back in 270 CE (that’s about 1750 years ago) Roman Emperor Cladius II outlawed marriage to try and bolster his army. But one man, Saint Valentine, started to marry men and women in secret. As his punishment for breaking the law, St Valentine day was executed on February 14th. Today we continue to celebrate on this day, by exchanging flowers, chocolate and gifts to our loved ones. But how far do we really go to show our love? Here are the most interesting facts we’ve found out about this special day:


1. The average man spends $140 on gifts, while the woman on average spends around $70. Sorry guys, facts are facts!

2.  February 14th is the second largest card-giving day of the year. That comes second after Christmas. 144 million cards on average. That is A LOT!

3. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by kids, mothers, wives and girlfriends. (Yay if you’re a teacher!)

4. You don’t need to give a gift to your special…human. Surprisingly every year around 9 million people will buy a valentines gift for their pet!

5. The infamous chocolate box has been around for more that 140 years – the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates was introduced in 1868 by Richard Cadbury (yes, the found of Cadbury chocolates).

6. Cupids bow and arrow isn’t just for show – In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. He is often depicted with a bow and arrows to pierce hearts and cast a spell of love.

8. Some also spend on big ticket items. In the U.S Data suggests that consumers have been spending more on jewellery to mark the holiday. In 2017, Valentine’s Day jewellery buyers spent an average of $378 to show their love. (Won’t say no to that!)

As a Perth based Jewellery Business, this is our favourite fact! 

7. In Australia specifically – Stats from commonwealth bank in 2017, we spent $13.6 million on dinner, $7 million on drinks, and $3.2 million on flowers.

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We hope you have a lovely day, whether you’re with your partner, friends, family, pet or even just Netflix!!!