Ahh the silly season is well and truly upon us. With only days till December the countdown well and truly begins. From the presents, to the decorations, the kris kringles, food & drink, and last but not least…Christmas Parties.

It can be stressful time of year, when it should really be an exciting and relaxing time of year. So to help you, we’ve come up with some tips to survive yet another Christmas.

Source: https://penrith.panthers.com.au/whats-on/christmas-party-fun/


  • Start making lists! Jot down all the gifts you need to get before Christmas Eve, try and get to the shops before it gets busy and do some online shopping so that the gifts will arrive before Christmas.
  • Gather Supplies – Christmas wrapping, cards, scissors, papers, bows, you name it!
  • Plan your outfits – there are so many events around this time of year try and spend your money wisely. Instead of buying a new outfit and accessories for every event, try a more ethical and sustainable option by hiring. Jire Jewellery has some classic pieces that will put that perfect sparkle to your Christmas Party outfit!


  • Time to put up the Christmas tree. Get it out of the shed, dust her off and put it up. If you don’t already have some, this is your excuse to get some fairy lights and put them up!
  • Check shopping progress, the shops are only going to get busier so try and squeeze your in shopping where you can. Knowing what you want before you go is key to avoid fighting larger crowds.


  • Finish online shopping; you will be cutting it too close and time after now. If you are stuck for some ideas, vouchers can go along way. If you know if any friends who are getting married soon, or have a special event, you can get a voucher from us! It will take off some stress of finding the right accessories as we can help find the perfect piece, as well as make them feel like a princess with our quality jewels.
  • Send off cards and parcels to over seas friends to ensure it arrive before Christmas!
  • Plan your menu if you are hosting, or platters if you are bringing food to somewhere else

How CUTE are these? From www.goodfood.com.au


  • Check your Christmas list again, make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone
  • Start food and drink shopping, you be will be so much stress free if you have the essentials already.
  • Confirm Christmas day plans. Check in with every one so they know what’s happening. You might have a few things to do that day if you have extended family, so plan out your moves so you aren’t running around!


  • You have survived. Sit back and relax – enjoy knowing you’ve prepared early and can now have an amazing Christmas day with loved ones. Have a few drinks of course, its time for fun!