Have you heard about JIRE

1  Over-purchasing materialistic items is hurting our economy

Accessories and clothes end up in the back of closets or and then eventually… landfills. And we’re running out of space. The human race has generated more waste than we have at any point in history! And on top of that we’re running out of landfills at a rate of one a day.* Power the sharing economy and rent instead. Its eco friendly. No need to buy cheap accessories that are going to go rusty in a month and end up in the bin. When you hire – the one piece of jewellery is enough to provide happiness and joy for multiple women. And the best bit is nothing goes to waste.



2  Make sure the jewellery is ethically sourced

As conscious consumers, its hard to know where that shimmering diamond has actually come from. We’re all very far removed from the situation to know its origin story or care. But we should care. There are some diamond mines that are mined in unsafe conditions by non-unionised workers. There’s an estimated one million African miners that earn less that a dollar a day, live in poverty, and some are even children.* That’s a pretty good reason to make sure your diamonds don’t come from mines such as these. Here at JIRE, we are committed to diamonds that are ethically and humanely sourced.



3  Support Local Businesses 

When you have an event coming up you might just think to yourself to go down the shops and head to the chain jewellery story that offers super cheap jewellery that looks good enough. However your money is going to large corporations when it could be going to local small business in Australia. It is so important to diversify your money and not let large corporations monopolise the industry. This is is why hiring jewellery can be such a bonus for not only your outfit but also the economy. As we are a small business we can meet with you personally and tend to your every need for your special event. Where as shop assistants only want to make a quick sell and not have your individual needs to heart. Hire instead, so you can feel important for your special event!




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4  Be aware of hidden fees

There are some fees and bonds that are associated with hiring jewellery. These are crucial to the business owner to ensure safety of their inventory and that the pieces are returned safely and in time for the next customer. It would be a nightmare if you couldn’t rent something due to the owner having not received the jewels back..

At JIRE, we have a bond in place due to the high value of our jewellery. This ensures safety for us and for you if you misplace or lose your item. However rest assured it goes back into your pocket straight away when the jewels are back with us!